What We Do

Window cleaning

The significance of a clean home, and especially clean windows, cannot be understated; it is so important for your state of mind. With our Window Washing service, you’re not just getting a clean home, you’re getting a higher level of well-being for you and your family.

Gutter cleaning

Since its founding, RJar Cleaning Services has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Pressure washing

Rory Construction Services is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

We professionally clean your home and office.


Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. Living in Vancouver we experience a lot of rain through out the year. Debris gets caught in the gutter which cause issues such as clogging and prevents water good water flow and drainage from the roof. So with gutter cleaning it maintains water flow, deters birds, squirrels and such pets from creating homes in those areas. Prevents clogging and additional damage from water. Also it keeps the homes curb appeal looking great, everyone loves a well taken care of home.


Pressure washing is an another essential part of home maintenance. With the way wood is on of the main items being used in constructing homes. It is susceptible to contaminant such as fungi, mildew and algae which form a slippery surface above the wood that can be hazardous to people walking on the surface. Causing people to slip and fall because of the uncleaned surface. Also not that it’s also good to power wash surfaces like driveways, retaining walls, fence walls which also boost curb appeal of the home.


Window cleaning is another great way to display a well kept home. The benefits to window cleaning on a home helps improve the efficiency of heating in a home and by which increases the amount of natural light coming into the home. This will definitely help with reduce heating costs in the home. Our team is dedicated to helping families enjoy their homes even more so please book your appointments to get your home feeling and looking good.